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Being Outside in Cold Weather

Physical activity and fresh air are important in a child’s life. When we are experiencing extreme cold weather temperatures its important to plan ahead and listen to the weather forecast before sending them... Read More

Learning to Count

When children are learning to count, they like to touch, point to and move objects as they say the number aloud – so encourage them to! Have your child count toys, kitchen utensils,... Read More

Itch’in and Scratch’in!

Itch’in and Scratch’in!…. Today is a good day to check your child(ren) carefully for Head Lice.  Many children are in close contact with each other over the summer and, as a result, these... Read More

Kindergarten Registration for September 2018

Please register your child during the month of January. What you need to bring: Child’s proof of age (e.g. birth certificate) Name and phone number of your family doctor Child’s health card number... Read More

Coming Events

  • January 24th Kindergarten Parent Open Doors - drop in and see the learning!
  • January 25th 4/5 and 5/6 Curling
  • January 30th 4/5 and 5/6 Curling, Riverside @ VKG (Volleyball)
  • February 1st Crazy Hair Spirit Day, Pizza Day, Pine Glen @ VKG (Volleyball)
  • February 2nd PA Day
  • February 6th HPS @ VK Greer (boys only)
  • February 7th Winter Elective Day 1
  • February 8th & 9th Science North Workshops for classes in the gym
  • February 8th VK Greer @ St. Mary's (Volleyball)
  • February 13th VKG @ Irwin (Volleyball)
  • February 14th Winter Elective Day 2
  • February 15th Spruce Glen @ VKG (Volleyball)
  • February 16th Red, White and Pink Spirit Day, Report Cards go home
  • February 20th VKG @ HPS
  • February 21st Winter Elective Day 3
  • February 27th Tentative Volleyball Tournament at Riverside
  • March 9-18th March Break
  • March 22nd Grade 3 Swim to Survive
  • March 29th Grade 3 Swim to Survive
  • March 30th Good Friday (no school)
  • April 2nd Easter Monday (no school)
  • April 10th School Council Meeting 6:30 pm

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