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Proportional Thinking Is All Around!

With lots of experience in making comparisons, your child will eventually progress to proportional thinking – that is, being able to make comparisons by using multiplication. Qualitative comparison: “The adult is taller than... Read More

Rockin’ in Math 2017!

There is a growing body of evidence that students’ mindsets play a key role in their math and science achievement.  Students who believe that intelligence or math/science ability is simply a fixed trait... Read More

Holiday Math!

Holidays are a great time to learn how math relates to the real world.  Math is everywhere!  Help your child understand how we use math in our everyday lives by taking advantage of... Read More

Coming Events

  • January 17-18th 6/7K to Yearly
  • January 19-20th 6/7A to Yearly
  • January 24th School Council Meeting in Library 7 pm
  • January 27th Assembly, Volleyball Tournament at HHS
  • January 31st Cross Country Race at Arrowhead
  • January 31st Winter Activities Payment Due
  • February 3rd PA Day
  • February 13th-17th Friendship Week
  • February 15th Winter Electives Day 1
  • February 17th Report Cards Go Home
  • February 20th Family Day Holiday
  • February 22nd Winter Electives Day 2
  • March 1st Winter Electives Day 3
  • March 3rd Cross Country Race #2 Arrowhead
  • March 10th PA Day
  • March 13th-19th March Break (inclusive)

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