And that’s a wrap!

Happy Summer Vipers! What a year it has been!

So many amazing things happened in the last two months of school. Track and Field, Thwacked, Primary Play Day, The Coronation in Kindergarten, Gardening, Band Trip, Spring Fling, the list is endless.

We had to say ‘see you later’ to some amazing staff this year. M. Barrett, Ms. Griffiths, Ms. Lettress, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Spano and Ms. McLean. Thank you for everything you did at VK Greer!

We also are welcoming Mme. Jolliffe, Ms. Gardiner, Ms. Menard and Ms. Umphrey. Welcome to the wonderful school and community that is VK Greer.

Please know our office is closed from July 10 -August 25th. We are back in the building on August 28th. Classrooms will be shared with families on August 30th at 4:00pm.

Thank you VK Community for welcoming me this year. Have a safe and wonderful summer!

Kelli Gates

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