Please note the following procedures for students arriving by bus, car, bicycle or walking:


All students are asked to wait on the appropriate school yard until the entry bell rings at 8:45 am.  Yard supvervision begins at 8:35 am, therefore students should not be dropped off before this time.  No students should be inside the school in advance of the entry bell.

BUS~ students disembark from their school bus as soon as it arrives in the school yard.  Students will wait on the appropriate school yard for the entry bell to ring.

CAR ~ students who are being dropped off by car are asked to do so in the parking lot and then proceed carefully over to the school yard.

WALKERS / BIKE RIDERS: ~ students riding their bikes should park their bike in the bike rack upon arrival and then proceed to the appropriate school yard.


Students will be dismissed from class in an orderly fashion according to announcements.  Students should carefully load buses as they are called.  Buses will leave when all students have loaded.  Walkers and students riding bicycles will be dismissed after all students on buses are dismissed.  Walkers and students riding bicycles are expected to wait in the school yard until all buses have left the driveway before heading for home.

NOTE:  Any student walking or riding their bicycle home who regularly take the school bus are required to bring a note signed by their parents to the office each day.

Bike Helmets Are Mandatory
All students who ride their bike or skateboards to school must wear a helmet. Any student who arrives at school without a helmet will NOT be permitted to ride home until they have one.