Fall 2014 Dates

Wednesday, September 10th – Welcome Back Corn Roast – Find School Council friends & Self-Nomination sign-up forms

Wednesday, September 17th – School Council Meeting & Election – 7pm in the Library – ALL Parents/Guardians welcome

Wednesday, October 1st – V.K. Fallapalooza! – Activity, Information, Food & Fundraising all in one!


Focus of FALL 2014 Meetings

  • Election of 2014/2015 School Council Members
  • Events: Goods Swap? Family FUN Nights? Winter Fun Day?
  • Fundraisers: events/dates/goals/funds allocation plan?
  • Ideas for meeting topics and/or guest speakers?


Re: Childcare

If you require childcare at the school so that you can attend a School Council Meeting, please contact the School Office (705-385-2200) THREE FULL SCHOOL DAYS in advance with your request. This service is dependent on the availability of older students.

Minutes & Highlights

The 2013-2014 V.K. Greer School Council has been very active running the daily Healthy Snack program, 7 meetings, the Goods Swap, Santa’s Bazaar, 9 Family FUN Nights, a Winter Fun Day, and a new event: the Spring Gala, which was very well received. We have participated in the school’s Welcome Back Corn Roast, JK Information Night, and Grade 8 Graduation.

A total of $5,682.46 was raised/received through Turkey Dinner Pies, Scrap Metal & E-Waste Donations to AOR, CCRP Magazine/Third Wave Gifts Sale, Santa’s Bazaar, the Spring Gala and HST rebates. Approximately $4,835.33 was spent on Musical Instrument Rentals, Boys’ & Girls’ Jerseys, Dodge Balls, and Student Field Trips. The estimated closing balance is $3,478.12 divided over the following Wish List Items: $116.50 Sporting Equipment/Jerseys, $200 Drama/Costume Costs, $307.05 Student Field Trips, $66.03 Graduation, $1,040.60 Musical Instrument Rentals, and $1,747.94 Primary Playground Improvements.

Plans for the Fall of 2014 include a new event to replace the former CCRP Magazine fundraiser. The first ever V.K. Fallapalooza is to be held on October 1st. It will be an evening of Activity, Information, Food & Fundraising all in one! Save the date and invite your family/friends/neighbours to check it out!


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