VK Greer Public school is a public institution and we encourage students, staff, parents and visitors to dress within the expectations of our community standards.

Learning the fundamentals of proper dress at an early age will provide students with a valuable lifestyle habit.  Dressing appropriately for a variety of situations shows that a student has a high degree of self-respect and respect for others.

Further to the dress code for appropriate dress, students are expected to come to school prepared for all weather conditions (i.e., appropriate warm weather gear in winter and appropriate water resistant / water proof gear on rainy days).  Students are expected to go outside for recess on a daily basis unless the weather is such that it would be unsafe to do so.

Also, students are expected to have proper indoor footwear at all times.  This means that students should have a pair of indoor shoes to wear in winter and proper athletic shoes to wear during in the gym and during other physical activities.