Ms. Asmussen’s Class is looking for Tim Horton’s Cups

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Starting in February, Tim Horton’s begins their “Roll up the Rim to Win” contest. Each year, Tim Horton’s sells hot beverages and serve it in a special cup, where the customer rolls up the rim to see if they have won a prize. Ms. Asmussen’s Grade 5/6 class wants your cups! Why? We are learning about probability and the ‘odds’ or ‘chances’ of events occurring. Tim Horton’s claims that for every 6 cups sold, one will be a winner. We want to prove it!

This is what we want you to do:


Enjoy a hot beverage of your choice. Then roll up the rim to see if you have won. If you have won, rip off the portion of the cup you need to claim your prize and keep it.  Write the prize you won (coffee, donut etc.) on the cup and donate the empty cup to us. If you have not won, simply donate the empty cup to us. We will collect cups until the contest closes.


Thank you!

Mrs. Asmussen and the Grade 5/6 class