Student Placement for September 2018

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During the month of June, teachers will be meeting to discuss student placement for next year.  As we begin to organize the process, we thought you might be interested in how this important task is approached.

Our School Staffing Committee has proposed a school organization based on the number of teachers we have been allotted (actual teacher names for classes have not yet been finalized.)  Due to movement and growth, final decisions about class placement are not made until the end of the summer.  In September, students will return to this year’s teacher on the first day to greet a familiar face before moving on to next year’s class.

In the meantime, teachers have division (primary/junior/ intermediate) placement meetings.  Students are grouped so there is a variety of academic abilities in each class. This allows for equity in access to the teacher’s time and provides the flexibility to create a reasonable, limited number of reading, writing, and math groups.  Furthermore, there are many other variables to consider.  For example, teachers sometime recommend that students be kept together or separated because of the positive or negative influence on each other’s learning.  Other issues requiring careful thought include:  special needs such as health concerns, resource/withdrawal needs, and male/female role models (where a choice exists).

We appreciate your trust in our professional judgement for balancing all the considerations mentioned above.  If, however, you have a special request (i.e. female/male role model, a health or social issue), be sure to put your request in writing to Erika Black as soon as possible so we can consider your input during placement meetings.

Keep in mind that academic groupings are our highest priority, so sometimes requests cannot be accommodated.  Requests to be placed with a particular friend is the lowest priority since social times – recess and special events – are generally grade-wide.