Miracle Grow for the Brain….

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Over the summer I had the opportunity to reread SPARK by J.Ratey. His text emphasizes the importance of physical activity for good health, well-being and most interesting, in improving our ability to learn. Studies indicate that students who participate in 1 hour (or more) moderate to vigorous physical activity a day have improved academic performance; physical activity has a positive influence on mindset, memory,
concentration and behaviour. Exercise directly influences your ability to learn. At the cellular level it improves the brain’s potential to log in and process new information at a faster rate. Not only does it make you
feel good, it helps you positively deal with everyday stress and anxiety. We all have the ability to change our brain – all we have to do is lace up our running shoes! Encourage your child to be actively involved in activities that raise their heart rate in physical education class,
during recess and after school. We will do our best to teach them the importance of physical activity and to keep them active when possible!

In the next month, students will be reviewing the learning skills and setting goals for their first term. Please take some time to talk with your child about how they learn, their goals, and how you can support them at
home. In addition, please discuss the importance of being physically active with your child. Encourage them to be active every day – at home and at school!

The fall is a busy time of year for most of us. Returning to school routines and after-school activities keeps us all very busy. I encourage you to keep up-to-date with what is going on at school. Be sure to read classroom
and school newsletters carefully for important information. Check our school website or follow us on Twitter (@vkgreerps) for the most current information. We look forward to your support in helping your child become the best that he/she can be! It is going to be a great year!