Math Facts and Multiplication Tables are Important!

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A student who masters their math facts and multiplication tables has a much easier time persevering and solving math problems in school.  A solid recall of multiplication tables builds student’s confidence and decreases their cognitive load which allows them continuity of thought when problem solving.

Help your child learn their skip counting, math facts and multiplication tables through card games, quizzing in the car, posing questions when grocery shopping.  We all memorize through repetition.  Learning their facts now will help them immensely in years to come!

By the end of grade 3 students should know their times tables up to and including 7 x 7 and by grade 7 their 12 times tables.

Talking about money is also important.  Ask your child to round off item costs and estimate the total of your shopping basket.  The more conversations you have about money (e.g. estimating; if you have $10 do you have enough; how to make change) the more comfortable they will become working with numbers.