Next Steps….

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In the past few weeks, teachers have been extremely busy reviewing their assessments and evaluations and writing the Progress Reports.  Two very important parts of your child’s report are the Learning Skills section and what the teacher has identified as their ‘Next Steps’.  Teachers have indicated what your child needs to work on and I encourage you to help your child achieve their ‘next steps’ to success. Please help your child set some goals to improve their learning skills, as development of these skills will greatly benefit them!

Tips to Support Learning at Home: Regular review of the concepts covered in class is very important.  Student’s brains need the time and opportunity for rehearsal to make strong and lasting connections.  Verbalizing what they have learned reinforces their knowledge … ask your son/daughter to explain their work to you, highlight the important points, self-evaluate their work, or discuss their favourite parts. An interesting point to remember is that students can only attend for their age in years + or – two minutes!