25 Alternatives To “What’d You Learn In School Today?”

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1.When did you notice yourself most interested and curious today?
2.Was there a time today when you were especially confused? How did you respond?
3.What is one thing that was hard to believe? Not confusing, but surprising?
4.If you were more ____ today, how would it have impacted the day?
5.When were you most creative today?
6.Tell me one fun thing you learned, one useful thing you learned, and one extraordinary thing you learned.
7.What does a successful day at school look like to you? Feel like?
8.What sort of different reasons do your friends go to school?
9.Who worked harder today, the teacher or the students?
10.How else could you have learned what the teacher taught?
11.How do your teachers show they care?
12.What do you know, and how do you know it?
13.What would you like to know more about?
14.What is the most important thing you learned today? The least?
15.Tell me one chance you took today, and how it ended up.
16.What is one thing you learned from a book?
17.What is one thing you learned from a friend?
18.What is one thing you learned from a teacher?
19.What still confuses you?
20.What is something you say or heard that stuck with you for some reason?
21.Based on what you learned today in ______ class, what do you think you’ll learn tomorrow?
22.Tell me three facts, two opinions, and one idea you heard today.
23.What should you do with what you’ve learned?
24.When did you surprise yourself today?
25.What’s stopping you from being an (even more) amazing learner?

And a few more:

1. What great questions did you ask today?
2. What did you discover?
3. What surprised you?
4. Where did you travel to?
5. Why are you learning that?
6. How do you know you are learning?
7. What did you learn/do that made you smile today?
8. What was your favorite part of school today?
9. Tell me your favorite moment at school today.
10. If you had been responsible for the lesson, what would you have emphasized or done differently? Why?
11. What was your “good” for today? What was your “bad”?
12. What did you improve today?
13. What challenged your thinking?
14. How did you contribute to other student’s learning?