7 Ways to be an Upstander

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1. Help others who are being bullied. Be a friend, even if this person is not yet your friend.
2. Stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading. If someone tells you a rumour that you know is untrue or sends you a message that is hurtful to someone else, stand up and let the person know this is wrong.
3. Get friends involved. Let people know that you are an upstander and encourage them to be one too.
4. Make friends outside of your circle.
5. Reach out to new people at your school. Make an effort to introduce them around and help them feel comfortable at VK Greer.
6. Refuse to be a “bystander’. If you see friends or classmates laughing along with the bully, tell them that they are contributing to the problem. Let them know that by laughing they are also bullying the victim.
7. Respect others’ differences and help others to respect differences. It’s cool for people to be different – that’s what makes all of us unique. Adapted from BullyBust